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  • To treat each patient with honesty, integrity and compassion.
  • To honor the individual needs, values and dignity of each patient.
  • To respect and support the right of each patient to make personal choices about pharmacy care.
  • To provide competent and ethical health care.
  • To protect your right of confidentiality.
  • To help you achieve your health goals.

Compounding Services

Not all prescriptions are created equal. That is why occasionally, your doctor may request a formula that is not commercially available. These drugs need to be made locally in our pharmacy. These drugs are known as compounds. Compounded drugs can be in many different forms.

They can be requested as:

  • Topical solutions, creams, ointments, or gels
  • Oral solutions or capsules
  • Intragavinal preparations
  • Rectal preparations

Occasionally, certain pre-made solutions need to be altered as well. If your child is particular about the flavor of their antibiotics for example, we can change the flavor to something that may be more appealing to them so that they will actually take their medications.

We take pride in our ability to produce a quality product, one that yourself and physician will be happy with. Please call or visit your nearest PharmaCity Drugstore if you have any questions or requests regarding this service.

Pharmacity Drug Store
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